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Mohave Resources

Mohave Member Handbook

(Revised 9/10/14)

Mohave Vendor Handbook

(Revised 9/10/14)

Mohave for Members

(Revised 1/11/13)

Mohave for Vendors: Your Guide to Contract Success

(Revised 1/10/13)

Due Diligence for Mohave Contracts

(Revised 10/29/14)

Becoming a Mohave Vendor

(Revised 9/4/14)

Mohave Job Order Contracting (JOC) Presentation

(Revised 8/2/13)

MESC Admin Fee Calculator

(Revised 2/12/13)


Responding to A Mohave Solicitation

(Revised 3/27/14)

A Better Understanding of Mohave

(Revised 5/30/13)

Request for Inspection of Public Records

(Revised 6/3/13)


Using Mohave Contracts for HUD-Funded Purchases

(Revised 9/4/14)