Irrigation and Landscaping Products Contracts - Effective December 13, 2019

Irrigation and landscaping products, which includes aggregate/soil products and hand-held grounds and landscaping equipment products and services.

  • Vendor: AERO Equipment Rental and Sales
    Contract Number: 19K-AERO-1213
    Vendor Contact: Jay Ryan
    Phone Number: (602) 256-6250
    They offered all products in the scope of work. They have five Arizona locations: Gilbert, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Surprise, and Tempe, and provide aggregate products at their Gilbert location. They currently provide irrigation and landscaping products statewide and include delivery services to Coconino, Gila, Maricopa, Mohave, Pima, Pinal and Yavapai counties, and bulk material (aggregate, rock, and soil) product deliveries to Maricopa and Pinal counties.

  • Vendor: SiteOne Landscape Supply, LLC.
    Contract Number: 19K-SITE1-1213
    Vendor Contact: Mike Heilner
    Phone Number: (602) 768-8352
    They are the only offer recommended for award to include brands from Ariens, Bearcat, Billy Goat, Echo, Gravely, and Stihl. They offer hand-held grounds and landscaping equipment products, parts, and services statewide. Equipment cleaning and testing is provided at no cost as a value-added service.

Contract information available on the website

  • Pricing: November 15, 2019
  • Due Diligence: November 15, 2019



Time, Attendance and Badge Identification Card Systems Contracts - Effective November 8, 2019

Time and attendance software that operates under multiple platforms such as distributed client-server networks, mainframe computer multiple platforms, and the cloud. The time and attendance systems are including, but not limited to: licensing; support; equipment; installations, identification and access card imaging software; and badge identification card software systems. Legacy pricing is also provided.

  • Vendor: immixTechnology Inc.
    Contract Number: 19J-IMMIX-1108
    Vendor Contact: Lyn Witt
    Phone Number: (703) 663-1920
    immixTechnology Inc.'s Kronos Workforce Solutions provides scalable tools that enable agencies to work smarter. Their time and attendance Products have a large installed base of clients in Arizona. immixTechnology Inc. offered legacy pricing for all Kronos, Inc. Workforce products at the same yearly rate as the expiring Kronos, Inc. contract.

  • Vendor: NOVAtime Technology, Inc.
    Contract Number: 19J-NTI-1108
    Vendor Contact: Jaime Blundell
    Phone Number: (516) 592-0885
    NOVAtime Technology, Inc. provides software Interfacing with several systems including: Frontline Technologies (Aesoponline), Apta Accounting Software (AptaFund), and Tyler Infinite Visions. They provide on-site and web training for Mohave member’s administrators as well as an annual users conference allowing members to attend time and attendance workshops. NOVAtime Technology, Inc. offers identification card systems with competitive pricing.

Contract information available on the website

  • Pricing: November 8, 2019
  • Due Diligence: November 8, 2019



Library Management Systems Contracts - Effective October 3, 2019

The selected contract vendors were awarded based upon considerations for members’ experience with existing library management systems, brand continuity for software maintenance, parts replacement and future expansion, each awarded contract vendor’s ability to provide for our large, diverse membership, geographic area served.

  • Vendor: Book Systems Inc.
    Contract Number: 19H-BSI-1003
    Vendor Contact: Bruce Price
    Phone Number: (800) 839-2324 x107
    Book Systems, Inc. offered solutions for school, public and academic libraries. The solutions offered can be self-hosted by the member or hosted by Book Systems, Inc. Third party peripherals purchased through the contract are guaranteed to work with the software, and include programming assistance and lifetime support, without fee.

  • Vendor: Follett School Solutions, Inc.
    Contract Number: 19H-FOLL-1003
    Vendor Contact: Kristy Paul
    Phone Number: (800) 323-3397 x 46439
    Follett School Solutions, Inc.’s offer is targeted and limited to K-12 school district libraries. Value-added services available include: “Follett Remote”, which is an application that allows the district to check in and out library materials during network outages. Follett’s Destiney software is also compatible with the Student Information Systems used by most districts, allowing student updates as they move from school to school.

Contract information available on the website

  • Pricing: September 26, 2019
  • Due Diligence: October 3, 2019



Telescopic Bleacher Seating, Telescopic Platform Seating, Fixed Spectator Seating Systems, and Repairs Contracts - Effective October 15, 2019

Telescopic Bleacher Seating, Telescopic Platform Seating, Fixed Spectator Seating Systems, and Repairs.

  • Vendor: Norcon Industries, Inc.
    Contract Number: 19I-NOR1-1015
    Vendor Contact: Tim Norris
    Phone Number: (480) 839-2324 x107
    Norcon provides Telescopic Bleacher Seating, Platform Seating and Fixed Spectator Seating Systems. Brands include Hussey and Sturdisteel.

Contract information available on the website

  • Pricing: August 23, 2019
  • Due Diligence: August 23, 2019