Nancy Colbaugh, CPPB
Contracts Manager

I have worked at Mohave since September of 1999. I am the Contracts Manager and I get to work with a great team of professionals who care about what they do. Our team is responsible for writing the solicitations and awarding the contracts to be used by our members. It is an honor working with contract vendors to provide quality goods and services to our cooperative members.

I have lived in Kingman my entire life. My family settled here in the 1870s when all that was here was the railroad, ranching, and mining. It has been a great place to grow up and raise my kids with the desert, the Hualapai Mountains, the Colorado River and the weather (except for the wind). I have three married children, and presently five grandsons. When not working, I enjoy playing with my grandsons, kayaking, traveling, the outdoors (especially anything that includes water), history, reading and trying new activities.

If you’re ever traveling through Kingman, stop in and see us here at Mohave.

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