Michael Carter, CPPB
Contract Specialist I

This is my second round at Mohave. I began this tour in January of 2009. Serving as a Contracts Specialist is both challenging and rewarding. Writing good contracts that benefit our members is my personal mission each and every day. One of my favorite tasks is performing the research required for new solicitations that result in new contracts for our members. My second favorite task is eating the goodies that show up once in a while in our break room.

And now, a little about me:

I moved to Kingman in 1999 from Mohave Valley Arizona (along the Colorado River), met my wife Anna, and we married in 2000.

We live in a historic house, in downtown Kingman. Historic means a lot of different things to people. To me, it means three things: repairs, upgrades, and repairs. One can find me usually at Home Depot or True Value on any given weekend. I'm the one standing there in the isle trying to figure how to make a twentieth-second century item replace or work with a circa 1920 item.

Appliances and furniture of today have been fun to introduce into a house of that era. Try to fit a side-by-side refrigerator w/icemaker into the spot where the original icebox once was. It's like fitting an elephant into a doghouse.

There weren't a lot of modern conveniences in the 1920’s. In 1920 lucky folks usually had a wood burning stove, an icebox, inside running water, and maybe electricity. Most of our gadgets today require being plugged into an electrical outlet: TV, VCR, DVR, DVD, stereo, computer, printer, recharging stations, vacuum cleaners, etc. Guess how many electrical outlets are in each room of a house built in 1915? TWO (if you are lucky)! Things just keep getting better. We feel just like the Douglas’s on Green Acres when it comes to the ‘electricical’ (as Lisa would say.)

If you would like to hear more stories, just let me know.

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