Featured Vendors for Library Management Systems

Library Management Systems Contracts

The selected contract vendors were awarded based upon considerations for members’ experience with existing library management systems, brand continuity for software maintenance, parts replacement and future expansion, each awarded contract vendor’s ability to provide for our large, diverse membership, geographic area served.

Book Systems Inc.

Book Systems, Inc. offered solutions for school, public and academic libraries. The solutions offered can be self-hosted by the member or hosted by Book Systems, Inc. Third party peripherals purchased through the contract are guaranteed to work with the software, and include programming assistance and lifetime support, without fee.


Booktracks enables administrators to know exactly where each textbook, device, and other assets are located at any point in time and creates accountability and responsibility among students and staff. Booktracks also helps you eliminate unnecessary expenditures on replacements by making the sharing of resources within your district easy, tracking assets each step of the way.

Reasons to choose Booktracks:

  • Streamlines distribution and collection of resources
  • Substantially reduces loss
  • Makes students and staff accountable
  • Enables forecasting of needs based on course enrollment
  • Provides access to electronic textbooks
  • Tracks all of your devices
  • Offers invaluable reporting features

Booktracks has saved our clients millions of dollars while also ensuring that students have the materials and equipment they need to succeed. Take control of your assets and your budget today with Booktracks!


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  • Main Contact:
    Bruce Price
    Phone: 800-249-6574 x 6775

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Follett School Solutions, Inc.

Follett School Solutions, Inc.’s offer is targeted and limited to K-12 school district libraries. Value-added services available include: “Follett Remote”, which is an application that allows the district to check in and out library materials during network outages. Follett’s Destiney software is also compatible with the Student Information Systems used by most districts, allowing student updates as they move from school to school.


Follett School Solutions, Inc. is deeply committed to helping the K-12 community reinvent education for the 21st century. Our integrated educational technologies are designed to help you create and sustain a rich, collaborative, technology-enabled environment that supports the life cycle of active learning and inspires student success. When you use our integrated solutions for maintaining and accessing resource information, your school or district gains control over educational resource spending and gets a district-wide view of all of your educational resources.

  • Destiny® Library Manager™ is a centralized K-12 resource management tool that helps libraries in your district work more efficiently, while creating engaging and collaborative learning environments that promote and support student achievement.
  • Destiny® Textbook Manager™ provides districts with a more efficient way to bring textbook costs under control, circulate and track instructional materials, and ensure every student has the materials they need to succeed.
  • Destiny® Asset Manager™ features advanced inventory tracking capabilities that are uniquely suited for K-12 schools, helping monitor resources from digital learning devices to special education equipment and everything in between.


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  • Main Contact:
    Kristy Paul
    Phone: (800) 323-3397 x 46439

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