Doors, Door Hardware, Overhead Doors, Operable Walls and Accordion Doors - Effective September 16, 2016

Orders cannot be processed against the contract until the effective date.

  • Vendor: Clark Security Products
    Contract Number: 16G-CSP-0916
    Vendor Contact: Jake Morrissey
    Phone Number: (602) 343-9517
  • Vendor: DH Pace Company, Inc.
    Contract Number: 16G-DHP-0916
    Vendor Contact: Rick Martin
    Phone Number: (480) 968-3667
  • Vendor: Norcon Industries
    Contract Number: 16G-NPAR-0916 
    Vendor Contact: Tim Norris
    Phone Number: (480) 839-2324
  • Vendor: TCH Southwest
    Contract Number: 16G-TCH-0916 
    Vendor Contact: Jason Ford
    Phone Number: (602) 918-8378


Contract information available on website

  • Pricing: September 1, 2016
  • Due Diligence: September 1, 2016