Online Courseware and Instructional Services - Effective October 4, 2017

Orders cannot be processed against the contract until the effective date.

Description of the products/services that are provided under the awarded contract:  
This is a statewide contract aimed at providing sources for online classroom courseware, standalone course software for language, bilingual, ESL, science, reading and mathematics, credit recovery and instructional services in a blended classroom environment.

  • Vendor: Apex Learning
    Contract Number: 17J-APEX-1004
    Vendor Contact: David Kucharczyk
    Phone Number: (206) 381-5600
  • Apex Learning offers a course catalog of 22 adaptive tutorial courses in English, math, science, social studies, high school equivalency and college readiness that can be personalized for each student.

  • Vendor: Backbone Communications
    Contract Number: 17J-BACK-1004
    Vendor Contact: BJ Dines
    Phone Number: (602) 791-6138
  • Backbone Communications is a dealer representing five publishers and providers, each offering a different set of curriculum products not offered by the other recommended offers. Courses provided include math, English/reading, adult education and tutorial programs.

  • Vendor: Edgenuity, Inc.
    Contract Number: 17J-EDGE-1004
    Vendor Contact: Monica Gilfillan
    Phone Number: (480) 423-0118
  • Edgenuity provides all the courseware curriculum with optional instructional services. Edgenuity also provides unlimited customer and technical support; they also grant unlimited access to student tools, student resources and online educator resources.

  • Vendor: Fuel Education LLC
    Contract Number: 17J-FUEL-1004
    Vendor Contact: Robert Offterdinger
    Phone Number: (844) 855-2782
  • Fuel Education LLC offers four distinct curriculum products that provide students and teachers with an option of a blended learning environment, full time virtual classroom, and high school courses that cover core, comprehensive, honors, advanced placement, remediation, and credit recovery.

  • Vendor: Connections Education LLC dba Pearson Online & Blended Learning K-12 USA
    Contract Number: 17J-POBL-0616
    Vendor Contact: Dr. Scott Andersen
    Phone Number: (888) 533-6360
  • Pearson Online and Blended offers standards aligned K-12 curriculum courses that cover core, foundation, advanced, elective, and credit recovery. They offers their Live Tutor program to assist students during non-school hours.


Contract information available on website

  • Pricing: October 3, 2017.
  • Due Diligence: October 3, 2017



Yearbook Publishing, Graduation Supplies and Photography Services. - Effective August 1, 2017

Orders cannot be processed against the contract until the effective date.

Description of the products/services that are provided under the awarded contract:  
The awarded vendors will provide the members yearbook production and publishing; various graduation supplies and class rings; and photography services including student portrait, special events, team sports, promo and graduation.

  • Vendor: Dorian Studio, Inc.
    Contract Number: 17I-DSI-0801
    Vendor Contact: Phil Harrison
    Phone Number: (509) 720-5888
  • Vendor: Duke Photography, Inc.
    Contract Number: 17I-DUKE-0801
    Vendor Contact: Dan Fisher
    Phone Number: (602) 266-1939
  • Vendor: Grads Photography
    Contract Number: 17I-GRAD-0801
    Vendor Contact: Kenny Doucet
    Phone Number: (623) 580-4723
  • Vendor: InTech Integrated marketing Services / Blossom Yearbooks
    Contract Number: 17I-ITB-0801
    Vendor Contact: Taylor Molstad
    Phone Number: (800) 893-8902
  • Vendor: Inter-State Studio and Publishing
    Contract Number: 17I-ISS-0801
    Vendor Contact: Lorinda Thompson
    Phone Number: (480) 656-7715
  • Vendor: Jostens, Inc.
    Contract Number: 17I-JOS-0801
    Vendor Contact: Matt Hatten
    Phone Number: (602) 617-7464


Contract information available on website

  • Pricing: July 21, 2017.
  • Due Diligence: July 28, 2017