Expiring RFP 12L-1003 Contracts – Effective October 3, 2017

Managed Multimedia Classroom Courseware, Software, and Supplemental Products Contracts

  • Vendor: Edgenuity, Inc. (Formerly E2020, Inc.)
    Contract Number: 12L-ED20-1003
  • Vendor: Backbone Communications
    Contract Number: 12L-BACK-1003
Replacement for Managed Multimedia Classroom Courseware, Software, and Supplemental Products Contracts

The effective date for these contracts is October 4, 2017.
Orders cannot be processed against the new contracts until this date.

  • Vendor: Apex Learning
    Contract Number: 17J-APEX-1004
    Vendor Contact: David Kucharczyk
    Phone Number: (206) 381-5600
  • Apex Learning offered a course catalog of 22 adaptive tutorial courses in English, math, science, social studies, high school equivalency and college readiness that can be personalized for each student.

  • Vendor: Backbone Communications
    Contract Number: 17J-BACK-1004
    Vendor Contact: BJ Dines
    Phone Number: (602) 791-6138
  • Backbone Communications is a dealer representing five publishers and providers, each offering a different set of curriculum products not offered by the other recommended offers. Courses provided include math, English/reading, adult education and tutorial programs.

  • Vendor: Edgenuity, Inc.
    Contract Number: 17J-EDGE-1004
    Vendor Contact: Monica Gilfillan
    Phone Number: (480) 423-0118
  • Edgenuity provided all the courseware curriculum with optional instructional services. Edgenuity also provide unlimited customer and technical support; they also grant unlimited access to student tools, student resources and online educator resources.

  • Vendor: Fuel Education LLC
    Contract Number: 17J-FUEL-1004
    Vendor Contact: Robert Offterdinger
    Phone Number: (844) 855-2782
  • Fuel Education LLC offered four distinct curriculum products that provide students and teachers with an option of a blended learning environment, full time virtual classroom, and high school courses that cover core, comprehensive, honors, advanced placement, remediation, and credit recovery.

  • Vendor: Connections Education LLC dba Pearson Online & Blended Learning K-12 USA
    Contract Number: 17J-POBL-0616
    Vendor Contact: Dr. Scott Andersen
    Phone Number: (888) 533-6360
  • Pearson Online and Blended offered standards aligned K-12 curriculum courses that cover core, foundation, advanced, elective, and credit recovery. They offered their Live Tutor program to assist students during non-school hours.