Chris Mauser
Audit Specialist I

I have been with Mohave Educational Services since 6/5/17, and feel lucky to work with a group of talented, friendly, and supportive individuals. Working in the newspaper business for 15 years – 4 of those years I ran the commercial printing plant as the plant manager, gave me the necessary experience to succeed as an audit specialist. I enjoy my role as an audit specialist and working with the Mohave team to solve any issues that arise.

I grew up in a small town and had the privilege of marrying my beautiful best friend, Melinda. Our oldest son is grown (Kyle), my precious daughter Maci (acts just like me) is going into High School, and our youngest, C.J. (looks just like me) is in Junior High. Living a majority of my life in the Colorado River Valley, I enjoy fishing, riding quads, and shooting. However, I have a great time anytime my wife and kids surround me – even doing nothing but talking about our days helps fulfill my life.

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