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    Shamrock Foods (SFC) recently opened a wholesale warehouse in Phoenix
    "GOT ASPIN? Being a Cooperative Member has its advantages"...
    ASPIN's Team ROCKS! they aim to please!

    Jeanne Foster

    ASDB School Nutrition and Food Service Department
    For our small, rural district, I cannot imagine having to do my job without ASPIN"...

    Kay Hauser

    St Johns Unified School District
    ..."I received a call from Bette Thompson at ASPIN/Mohave... I loved what she had to say, the school board approved in a flash & we never looked back. Not only do they do our bids but I can call or email them with a question or problem anytime"...

    Jan Reeves/Cafeteria Manger

    Canon Elementary School
    "I have been with ASPIN since its inception and believe it to be absolutely a life line to food service directors and their schools. ..."If you aren't a member yet - investigate ASPIN and you will want to become a member"...

    Suzette Moe / Director Child Food and Nutrition

    Maricopa Unified School District