Competitive Solutions for our Arizona Members - Why Mohave?

Mohave Cooperative contracts are written specifically to address the needs of Arizona governmental members. Our contracts are done in Arizona and compliant with:

  • Arizona Procurement Code, Arizona State Board of Education School District Procurement Rules, sections of the Arizona Revised Statutes and Federal Education Department General Administration Regulations for Procurement.

Our contracts meet the statewide procurement requirements placed upon our members.

Mohave offers more than just competitive contracts. We take pride in providing:

  • Member order reviews
  • Purchase order audits
  • Problem resolution

Mohave's contract staff are certified either through the Institute for Supply Management or the National Institute of Government Purchasing.

We are proud:

  • Seven (7) awards, with a total of 17 years credited with NIGP Outstanding Agency Accreditation Achievement
  • Sixteen (16) awards of National Procurement Institute (NPI) Achievement of Excellence in Procurement (AEP)

Mohave is a non-profit Political Subdivision. Profit is not our goal. Our goal is to save our over 450 members time and money by providing quality, competitive contracts.