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Schools in Mohave County established a career education program in 1971 called the Mohave County Career Education Project. In the early 1980s, the name was changed to Mohave Educational Services Cooperative.

At this same time, Mohave introduced local schools to a consortium of educational software. Mohave County districts were saving money on software through the cooperative, and other counties soon inquired if they too could be provided services. This activity was approved provided that the schools outside the county pay an administration fee that covered costs for providing services based on A.R.S. §15-365.

To fill the need for statewide bids, Mohave began contracting for school-related equipment and services using the sealed solicitation process to secure needed contracts for its members. By meeting the same requirements placed upon Mohave’s members, the members can use our contracts with confidence. Mohave’s purchasing policies and procedures come from the Arizona State Board of Education School District Procurement Rules, the Arizona Procurement Code and other sections of the Arizona Revised Statutes and Federal Education Department General Administration Regulations for procurement.

In 1988, a cooperative purchase agreement was created to be signed by a member and Mohave as an intergovernmental agreement. While public school districts comprise the largest single segment of our membership, cities, counties, community colleges, political subdivisions, and non-profit organizations also use Mohave contracts through cooperative purchase agreements. As a statewide public procurement unit, administrative fees paid by users fund Mohave. We do not receive any direct tax dollars.

Arizona School Partners in Nutrition (ASPIN) was added in 1995 in response to a need for foodservice products. Currently over 140 eligible agencies are members of ASPIN. This volume equates to substantial savings on food and supplies for foodservice operations.

In 2005, Mohave became a nonprofit political subdivision providing public procurement services pursuant to A.R.S. § 11-952 and A.R.S. § 41-2632. The cooperative is governed under Title 10 of the Arizona Revised Statutes and Federal Education Department General Administration Regulations for Procurement.

Nearly fifty years of service, Mohave Educational Services Cooperative, Inc., has come to be known and trusted as a service oriented public purchasing cooperative for Arizona. Our dedication to public procurement excellence, exemplary member service and support capabilities makes Mohave unique and keeps us focused on being your cooperative purchasing partner of choice.


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