Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Mohave Vendors

What is the Reconciliation Report?

The Reconciliation Report is a monthly report to Mohave of payments received on Mohave contract purchase orders. Each month on or before your company's assigned due date, you should send Mohave a Reconciliation Report detailing payments from the previous month. For example, if your company's due date is the 10th of each month, you are required to send the report of payments made in February on or before March 10th. A sample of what Mohave is looking for in a Reconciliation Report can be found in the Vendor Handbook. Exhibit 16 is the sample Reconciliation Report.

What is the Open Order Report?

If requested by the vendor, an Open Order Report can be provided five days prior to the date your company’s Reconciliation Report is due. Mohave sends the open order report request if requested. This is a monthly information only report. The report lists all open regular orders (excluding blanket purchase orders and E-Rates) in Mohave's database for your contract or contracts. The report is also meant as a tool to help you with your Reconciliation Report. No response is required on this report.

Where should I send my company's Reconciliation Report?

We have established a central email address for all Reconciliation Reports: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To avoid possible delays and late reports, please email an electronic copy of your Reconciliation Report to this address only, unless it has been specifically requested that you send it elsewhere.

Do I have to send an admin fee check for every Reconciliation Report?

Per Mohave contract terms, admin fee payments must be submitted monthly, unless the amount is less than $20. For amounts of less than $20, you should send your regular Reconciliation Report but add the fee to the next month's admin fee payment.

My company didn't receive any payments on Mohave contracts this month. Do I still need to send a Reconciliation Report to Mohave?

Reconciliation Reports are to be sent to Mohave every month, regardless of activity. An email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating that your company had no activity for the preceding month is an acceptable response.

I need to update the pricing for my company, what is the process for that?

Mohave contract pricing can be fixed price, a percentage of a specified price list or a combination of both. The specific method of pricing will be established at the time of the contract award. If your contract uses a discount off a price list, you must provide us with new pricelists as they are issued to you. New pricelists are in effect upon Mohave's approval of them. Fixed price contracts must be updated with a complete price update on each anniversary of your contract. Generally, that is the only time fixed-price contracts can be adjusted. However, in rare instances when a legitimate, demonstrable cost increase clearly affects the contractor's ability to sell at the current price, Mohave may consider fixed price increases at times other than the contract anniversary. Fixed prices can be lowered at any time. See your contract for details on price changes. All price changes are subject to Mohave's approval.

Can I use the new pricing before I have received approval from my Mohave contracts specialist?

No, price increases and reductions, special offers, quantity discounts, etc. must be received and approved by Mohave before they are offered to members. If you are not sure if your pricing has been approved or have any questions, please contact your assigned contract specialist.

I have a special deal I want to give to a Mohave member; can I do that?

Yes, you can have promotional pricing for our members. Promotional pricing must be submitted to your Mohave contract specialist for approval before making the pricing available to members. If you are not sure if your proposed pricing is acceptable under your Mohave contract, please contact your assigned contract specialist for guidance.

I have a question to ask Mohave, who is my contact person?

If your question is related to your contract, contact your contract specialist. If your question is related to a specific purchase order, contact your procurement specialist. If you have a question related to your reconciliation report or an audit request, contact your audit specialist. If you are not sure who your assigned specialist is, you can look up your company on our website. If you are still not sure of the correct contact, please call our main number at 928-753-6945 and someone will direct you to the appropriate person for your question.

What kind of organization can be a Mohave member? Is there a list of current members?

Mohave's membership includes governmental entities such entities include public school districts, cities, counties, community colleges, universities, state agencies, tribal government, and special assessment districts (library, irrigation, water, etc.) and others. Nonprofit educational or public healthcare institutions may become members, to the extent that such entities are political subdivisions for purposes of federal income tax or meet the requirements of § 115 of the Internal Revenue Code. A list of current Mohave members can be found within the footer under "Current Mohave Members".

Can I get a mailing list of Mohave members?

Yes, you can send your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or call us at 928-753-6945. Please note that due to privacy concerns, Mohave will only provide a listing of the members' main addresses, phone numbers, and fax numbers.

When is my contract up for its next renewal? When is my contract up for final expiration?

The answer to both of these questions can be found on your company's page on our website. Search for your company using either the letter links at the top of the page or by using the "Search" function. Click on your company's name from the resulting list. This will bring up the short company profile our members use to contact vendors. There will be a separate profile for each contract you have with Mohave. Your renewal and final expiration dates are listed below your contract number on the profile. If you have any questions or require assistance, please call us at 928-753-6945.

My company has been placed in the Remedial Reconciliation Program. What does this mean?

Mohave is looking for ways to help our Reconciliation Reporting become a smooth process. The Remedial Reconciliation Report enables our vendors to work directly with the Procurement Specialist to ask questions, resolve issues and catch errors before their final report is submitted.

How does the Remedial Program work?

Vendors can request or be selected for the program. The procurement specialists can choose vendors that may need more one-on-one help to gain an understanding of the reporting process. Vendors with new reconciliation employees are also able to request one-on-one assistance. Participating vendors will be asked to forward their draft Reconciliation report to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 10 days prior to their assigned Reconciliation Report due date. The procurement specialist will review the report and contact the vendor for clarification, backup documentation, change orders, or revisions needed. The specialist will do an initial evaluation and then place a phone call to the vendor. Once the report has been discussed with the vendor over the phone, any changes agreed upon will be indicated on their draft Reconciliation Report and returned to them via email. An email will be sent from the audit specialist at Mohave when the finalized Remedial Report has been accepted.

How long does a Remedial Program last?

Mohave will provide this assistance for three reporting months. If issues continue after the three months, a three-month extension or escalation may occur.

I am a new vendor. What kind of training is available to vendors for working with Mohave?

In addition to the Vendor Handbook on our website, Mohave offers a Mohave 101 class for our new vendors or those wanting to refresh their knowledge. This presentation is designed to help vendors understand their contract requirements and selling under the Mohave contract. You will be contacted to schedule your class shortly after your contract has been awarded.

Please contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. office in Phoenix at 602-277-4290 for more training information.