Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Mohave Members

How does my organization join Mohave?

Mohave members must be governmental entities that are political subdivisions for purposes of federal income tax, such as:

  • Public School Districts
  • Cities
  • Counties
  • Community Colleges or Universities
  • State Agencies
  • Tribal Government
  • Special Assessment Districts (libraries, irrigation or water districts)
  • Fire Districts

Nonprofit educational or public healthcare institutions may become members, to the extent they are political subdivisions for the purposes of federal income tax or meet the requirements of § 115 of the Internal Revenue Code.

If your organization qualifies, complete and return our Cooperative Purchase Agreement.

How do I use Mohave?

Mohave offers training for members and their staff via a training brochure on our website, webinars or in person. We provide a complete Member Handbook on our website that includes detailed descriptions and examples of various Mohave processes.

Contact our Outreach and Education Director at 602-277-4290 for more information or to schedule a class.

How do I track my order?

Mohave does not track order fulfillment or shipping status. Contact the vendor directly should you have any questions. Contact information for each vendor may be found within the vendor's specific page on our website.

Should I issue the PO to Mohave?

All PO's, except E-Rate, should be made out to the vendor holding the contract you will be utilizing. Some contracts are fulfilled through sub-contractors or dealers, but the PO needs to be made out to the contract holder. Guidance for E-Rate and lease purchase orders can be found in our Member Handbook. If you are unsure of the correct vendor, call Mohave for confirmation.

Where do I send my purchase orders?

Standard Purchase Orders – These purchase orders must be sent to Mohave. Mohave will review the purchase order to ensure contract compliance and forward a copy stamped "MESC Reviewed" to you and the vendor once the review is completed. No Standard Purchase Order should be sent directly to the vendor.

Direct Online Purchase Orders – There are four categories of contracts offering direct online ordering: Computer Software and Peripherals, Classroom & Office Supplies, Library Books and Media, Textbooks Supplemental Materials, Vehicle Parts and Custodial Products and Services. An overview of the direct online order process can be found in the "More Info" tab within the specific vendor's page on our website. A complete list of Direct Online Order Vendors can be found within our Resources/Brochures section of our website. 

I have a question about my invoice. Who should I call?

If you have any questions about your invoice, please contact the vendor first. If you are having problems contacting a vendor or getting a response, please call us at 800-742-2437 for help.

How do I send my PO to Mohave?

You can send your PO to Mohave in one of three ways. You can email your PO to orders@mesc.org, you can fax your order to 928-718-3232, or you can mail your order to 625 E. Beale St. Kingman, AZ 86401.

What information does my PO need to have?

All PO's using Mohave contracts need to have the following:

  • PO issued to contract holding vendor
  • Vendor's Mohave contract number
  • Appropriate signature if your organization requires one
  • The purchase description and a copy of the vendor quote, if available.

If your organization does not require a signature on purchase orders, please send us an email or letter stating that so we can note your member file for future reference.

I'm doing due diligence for a contract. Where can I get documentation for the contract used in my PO?

Mohave provides our members with extensive documentation for all of our contracts. You can download the documentation from the Pricing & Docs tab located within each vendor specific page on our website. If you have any difficulties downloading the documents, please call us at 800-742-2437

I need to price confirm a vendor quote. Where can I get contract pricing for the contract used in my PO?

Mohave provides our members with extensive pricing files for all of our contracts. You can access our pricing files from the "Pricing & Docs" tab located within each vendor specific page on our website. You will need your organization's login and password for the pricing server. We are only issuing one login per member organization. To sign up for a login, please send an email to signup@mesc.org. If you have any difficulties finding or downloading the documents, please call us at 800-742-2437.

I want to use one of Mohave's direct to vendor contracts. Do I still need to send a copy of the PO to Mohave?

Mohave currently has four contract categories that are completely direct to vendor:

  • Computer & Software (Including Audio/Visual Equipment)
  • Classroom & Office Supplies
  • Custodial Products & Services
  • Library Books & Media
  • Textbooks Supplemental Materials
  • Vehicle Parts

Mohave does not require a copy of any PO that uses one of the direct to vendor contracts. You should download and review the user guide for any direct vendor that you plan to use before preparing your PO as ordering procedures will be vendor specific for these contracts. User guides can be found under the "More Info" tab on the specific vendor's page. If you have any questions, please contact the identified vendor contact or Esther Hopkins at Mohave at 800-742-2437.