Mohave (928) 753-6945   ASPIN (520) 888-9664

Michelle Hamilton President
Director of Purchasing
Mesa Public Schools
Becky E. McGaugh, C.P.M, Vice-President
Procurement Director
Northern Arizona University

Howard KroppBoard Member
Administrator of Purchasing
Washington Elementary School District

Lila McCleery, CPPBBoard Member
Interim Division Manager
Supply & Property Division
Phoenix Union High School District
Bill Munch, CPPB Board Member
Executive Director of Procurement
Compliance, Outreach and Education
Valley Schools Management Group
Joanne Machold, CPPO, CPPBBoard Member
Director of Purchasing
Tucson Airport Authority
Telma C. Reyes, CPPO, CPPB Board Member
Contracting Officer
Engineering – Project Management
Central Arizona Project