ASPIN/Mohave is the food service cooperative program of Mohave Educational Services Cooperative, Inc. ASPIN staff manages three contracts for use by ASPIN and Mohave members.

  • Food and Supplies — Current contracted vendor is Shamrock Foods Company. This contract is for ASPIN member use only.
  • Bread and Baked Goods — Current contract vendor is Holsum Bakery. This contract is available for use by all ASPIN and Mohave members.
  • Milk and Dairy Products — Current contract vendor is Shamrock Farms. This contract is available for use by all ASPIN and Mohave members.

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ASPIN Handbook.

 ASPIN compiles collective purchasing volume from all members and includes this volume in our solicitations. Our combined quantity equates to competitive, stable pricing. ASPIN maintains price files, processes payment of member purchases to the Food and Supplies vendor and assists members with the ordering process. ASPIN staff reviews purchase orders and manages the reconciliation process for the Bread and Milk contracts.

Since 1995, ASPIN/Mohave has been growing and changing to meet the needs of our members. We are proud of the quality of our contracts and the value they offer. The service we provide in managing and administering these contracts is the foundation of our success.

We understand you have choices in today’s competitive procurement environment. We will continue to earn your trust and business by changing as necessary to continue providing you great value and exceptional service.

Thank you for making us a partner of choice now and in the future. We realize we will only be successful if we continue to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.